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Celebrity Short Hair Style

When you see your favorite celebrity with a short hair style. The first thing you think is, I want that cut! Then you wonder if you can pull that cut off like she can. Stars like Halle Berry, Katie Holmes, and Keira Knightley are getting their hair cut very short and you can too. If you ask for the right hair cut and learn the right technique to style it, it can work for you too.If you don't have time to style your hair and you want a short cut, choose a style that you wont have to use a blow dryer and a brush. It takes time to get it to look like your favorite celebrity short hair style. The best choice for an easy no styling required cut, is the pixie. You don't have to do much at all if it's cut properly. Emma Watson Short Hair


To get Emma's look. Ask you stylist to cut a pixie hair cut. This is a very easy style for small features. There really isn't much to styling it. You can add a little barrette like Emma did in the photo to give it a glamorous look!

Ashlee Simpson Short Hair


For Ashlee's style, ask your stylist for a chunky layered bob. When you style this hair style you will want to blow dry with a vented brush and then use a flat iron to finish it. Then use a spray wax like Sexy Hair Short Sexy Hair Play Dirty Wax to piece it out.

Katie Holmes Short Hair


Katie's look is a classic angled bob. This style is so cute on most face shapes. To style this, use a round brush and make sure you section it. Finish with some anti frizz serum like Paul Mitchell's Smoothing Super Skinny Serum.

Keira Knightley


I love this look! Tousled and sexy. To get this look, have your stylist cut it in a short layered style. To style use a blow dryer and just tousle it with your hands. Use a molding paste like Di Fi Destruct Molding Cream and just apply it throughout until you get that messy look. This one can also be referred to as a longer pixie cut.

Rihanna Short Hair


This one is also a pixie style with the top left longer, but style this one with a round brush to get the volume and the smoothness. Then apply styling cream to piece it where you want it. Finish this one with lots of hair spray.

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

2012 has been the year that flaunted lots of interesting and alluring fashion trends for both men and women. One of the most prominent trend of 2012 has been short hairstyles. Many female celebrities ditched long locks and welcomed shorter hairdo. brings for you Top 10 Celebrity Short Hairstyles of 2012 that are promising for 2012.

As new year is fast approaching, so it’s high time to look out for a new look to step in the new year, in style. Celebrities are one of the best source of inspiration when it comes to hairstyles. It was perceived that in women’s short hairstyles, styling option are very less. But female celebs have proved it completely wrong by flaunting lots of stylish short hairstyles for women. For 2012, short hairstyles are must have to look best from the rest.

Check out some cool, trendy and promising 2012 Celebrity Short Hairstyles:

keira knightley short hairstyle

Get inspired by 2012 celebrity short hairstyles and replace your dull locks with a brand new do for 2012. You can go for bob haircut, short straight cut, short cut with bangs, fauxhawk, short wavy cut, pixie cut, short curls and many more. One of the most gorgeous and beautiful short hairstyle of 2012 is Keira Knightley bob cut that was spotted at Chanel Spring 2012 fashion show. Keira Knightley short hairstyle is great for an elegant look.

scarlett johansson short hairstyle

If you are fan of “Iron Man 2″ actress Scarlett Johansson then how about getting into her style by getting inspired by Scarlett Johansson short hairstyle (given above). Getting into this hairstyle is easy. Just go for layered short haircut, part down the middle and flaunt a fresh new look.

celebrity short hair

Ashlee Simpson Wentz latest hairstyle is for sure a trendy hairstyle for a gorgeous look. Ashlee Simpson Wentz short hair do is best for a an exquisite look. Her platinum blonde pixie hairstyle is magical.

halle berry pixie cut

Halle Berry pixie cut is a cool women’s short hairstyle for 2012 which is easy to maintain, super short and chic at same time.

rihanna short hairstyle

In 2012, Rihanna experimented many a times with her hairstyle, sometime with new haircut and some time with new hair color, giving a lot of hairstyling ideas. Out of all, Rihanna’s bang hairstyle secured its place in Top 10 Celebrity Short Hairstyles for 2012. Rihanna short hairstyles complement her personality perfectly and this brunette side swept fringe with honey blonde highlights is perfect for a fashionista who would love to go for a funky hairstyle.

jennifer love hewitt hairstyle

Jennifer Love Hewitt chopped off her long locks and rocked a new short curly hairstyle. This hairstyle is best for heart shaped face women and for those who don’t want to go for super short hairstyle as this haircut is short to medium length.

katharine mcphee hairstyle

Katharine McPhee short hairstyle also offer great red carpet styles as well. Just check out Katharine McPhee curl hairstyle which is apt 2012 short hairstyles for parties and formal events as well. This swept curled style with slightly darker shade of blonde is best for a glamorous look.

victoria beckham short hairstyle

Victoria Beckham is spotted donning trendy hairstyle, now and then but securing her poistion in Top 10 Celebrity Short Hairstyles for 2012 list is Victoria Beckham bed head bob hairdo that she flaunted at LG Fashion Touch party. This multi-layered short wavy hairstyle is must have Spring 2012 women’s hairstyle.

red head celebrity

Getting a new hair color is also great idea for making colorful entry in new year. For this, you can take inspiration from Kristen Stewart strawberry blond hair color. Kristen Stewart red head layered, wispy hairstyle is just fantastic.

carey mulligan short hairdo

For a breathtakingly stunning and adorable look, go for Carey Mulligan short straight cut spotted at BAFTA Awards in Los Angeles.

All these above mentioned ideas for short hairstyles will surely help you choose a new hairdo. So, just get ready to experiment with your look, take a chance on cutting those long locks and go for a stunning hairstyle that will give a glimpse of a modern and a confident woman.

Short Celebrity Hairstyles

Let’s start with our sexy next door Canadian neighbor actress Elisha Cuthbert. She has been seen walking the red carpets with a Sexy short fusion of Bob / Pixie hairstyle, the beauty of this short hair cut is that it is not overly short where she still has some length to play with whether she wants to pull her hair back or toss it from one side or another she still has a lot of flexibility.

Emma Watson AKA Hermione has grown into such a beautiful woman since her debut in Harry Potter. Taking the leap from her long hairstyle to this stunning Pixie cut has been risky but surely pays off. She has every man turning her way with this new Short hairstyle with reason!

Well we can’t mention short celebrity hairstyles without mentioning Hally Berry which was one of the first celebs to go short! She is one hot tamale with her short hairstyles and has been rocking the short cut for years now.

Hilary Swank is yet another celebrity that stands out this year with her short hair cut wearing it with a cute above the eyes bang. Be sure to check out more Hilary Swank hairstyles in our celebrity gallery.

Keira Knightley has to be one of those stars that no matter what she does to her hair she stands out. Her short Pixie Hairstyle is just stunning. Her golden brown hair just captures how a pixie should be worn!

Wow…. What more can I say, you’ve requested short hairstyles well here is an extremely short sexy hairstyle by Natalie Portman. It takes a lot of guts to go this short… shorter than this would be considered an Army cut!

Well I’m not too sure what Victoria Beckham has been up to these day and ages but one thing is for sure Paparazzi will not leave her alone she seems to be the head of tabloids all the time… why probably because she’s just stunning and styling and influences a lot of woman whether with her Bob Haircut last year to now her short sexy Pixie cut.

Well there is no surprise to see Pink on this list Pink has no problem Cutting it all off. I would not be surprised if she told us she cuts her own hair she is that outrageous and bold… But Regardless no matter what she does to her hair, short, long… or even dreaded she is one of those stars that just shines and looks stunning no matter what. Check out our Celebrity hairstyles gallery for more pictures from Alecia Moore better known as PINK!

No Matter how old you might be its not too late to go wild and cut it all off here is the perfect example of one of the sexiest middle aged stars out there rocking the short pixie hairstyles! Sharon Stone has been flaunting her sexy short hairstyle for quite some time now and still looks fabulous.

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Emo Hairstyles For Girls - Get an Edgy Hairstyle to Stand Out Among the Rest!

Imagine the next time you join a discussion about Emo Hairstyles For Girls - Get an Edgy Hairstyle to Stand Out Among the Rest!. When you start sharing the fascinating Emo Hairstyles For Girls - Get an Edgy Hairstyle to Stand Out Among the Rest! facts below, your friends will be absolutely amazed.

The best time to learn about Emo Hairstyles For Girls - Get an Edgy Hairstyle to Stand Out Among the Rest! is before you're in the thick of things. Wise readers will keep reading to earn some valuable Emo Hairstyles For Girls - Get an Edgy Hairstyle to Stand Out Among the Rest! experience while it's still free.

Emo is fast becoming a very popular trend, especially amongst the young. The term 'Emo' was originally coined to label a particular genre of music. The followers of this musical genre began to take note of their favorite musician's style and appearance, giving birth to those more commonly known as 'Scene Kids'. The similarities between rock and punk music, also lend to the emo style.

Emo hairstyles are just as important as what threads to wear. The typical emo hairstyle will be very noticeable and that is just how they like it. It is an art of addressing the inner self - showing that a person is not afraid to experiment or to be seen as 'different'. Emo kids love to get creative and this applies to everything from the hair, to the clothes and accessories.

Most emo hair is primarily black in color, some with added flashes of pink, purple, red or any bright color for that matter. Choosing to go black is probably a way to complement the clothing which is nearly always black. The most popular style for girls right now is to wear the hair down with long bangs swept over one eye, as if they wished to stay partly hidden.

For anyone considering an emo haircut, the aim here is to be unique. It doesn't mean that you can't look at the styles of fellow emos, but try to apply changes that would suit your face shape and personal preferences. You don't want to appear false, so go with something that is fairly simple in the beginning, something that you are comfortable with and a cut that allows for experimentation and variation to take place as you become more confident.

The idea behind an emo cut, is to be unconventional. Choose wild over tame. One of the best ways to achieve this look is by having a cut that is not symmetrical. Mullets are a perfect example. Whether your hair is long or short, the possibility is there to create a mullet. A mullet is typically defined by shorter hair on the top and at the front, with longer hairs to the back. Or you could go vice versa, a bob which is long at the front and gradually becomes shorter toward the back, is really a feminine cut that will accentuate your facial shape and features - almost like a frame. As well as the cut, adding highlights in random places will give a slightly distorted effect.

Get messy! Punkish elements in the Emo haircut are 'bed head' looks and spikes. Quite contrary to popular belief, getting the perfect 'bed head' look requires high maintenance. Emo girls load themselves with a variety of gels, mousses and the like for optimal experimentation and a look that will last throughout the day.

Many girls are reaching for the scissors and attempting to cut their own hair or that of a friend. If you think you're capable then give it a go! It doesn't matter if you can't cut straight because that is exactly what you don't want! I would personally recommend visiting a trusted hairstylist for the initial cut, they will be able to give advice on how to maintain the look so that you can trim it yourself the next time.

So now you know a little bit about Emo Hairstyles For Girls - Get an Edgy Hairstyle to Stand Out Among the Rest!. Even if you don't know everything, you've done something worthwhile: you've expanded your knowledge.

The Best Korean Hairstyles For Girls  The following article covers a topic that has recently moved to center stage--at least it seems that way. If you've been thinking you need to know more about it, here's your opportunity.

If you find yourself confused by what you've read to this point, don't despair. Everything should be crystal clear by the time you finish.

The right hairstyle is essential in completing the image of a person. Currently, the incredible variety of hair cutting styles and varying styling methods determine the top choices of Korean hairstyles for girls. There exists a vast selection ensuring that every girl can get a hair style to match her face shape and personal preferences.

Among the factors to consider when going for a style is the personal haircut style, which could be short, medium or long. It is necessary to consider hair texture and the shape of the face. The hairstyle should suit one's facial features. It is also relevant to consider the aspects that a person wants enhanced and which ones to hide.

Trends in the beauty industry have seen more women letting go of their long hair and going for the shorter and sexier spike hair styles. Most women use spikes to spotlight the haircut and add edginess. Observe that spikes are best fitted for square faces, and they are not recommendable for those seeking to reduce the length of their faces. It is also difficult to maintain such styles on fine hair as they require a thick hair texture. These styles enhance key facial features such as eyes and lips.

Anime hairstyles are among the styles that have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. These imitate characters in the anime cartoons, which tend to look great in fabulous clothes, elegant hair designs and really big eyes. These come in various forms, including bob, long layered and extra long designs.

One of the techniques of hairstyling commonly used today is the punk design. This style was considered to be exceedingly darling, so many women did not go for it until recently. It can be implemented on short hair, though it looks more appealing on medium and long hair. It puts more emphasis on the cut rather than the length of the hair.

The emergence of hipster fashion trend has led to the development of matching hipster hairstyles. Tresses are applicable on all lengths of hair, often incorporating colorful methods to flash their forwardness in fashion. This method often goes for unique hairdos and accessories rather than regular mainstream and celebrity trends. The basic concepts involve pairing one's clothing with a brand new attractive short cut, often being bowl-cuts, unclear partings or extremely fixed angles.

There is a variety of cute school hairstyles available to female Korean students. These can be implemented on short, medium and long hair. Short hairs offer limited styling options, including straight, curly, messy and spiky techniques. For medium hair, it is advisable to try loose straight designs, curly loose designs, messy buns, ballerina bun and bob styles. Even more options are available for long hair, the best being half-up/half-down, pinned up, ponytail, braided and scene styles.

Given the wide range of Korean hairstyles for girls, a room for diversity is provided. It is possible to go for a different hairstyle anytime someone feels like. Take note that remarkably few styling options are available for short hair while they are virtually endless for long hair. However, the latter require more styling time in comparison to the earlier. Consequently, middle length hair is the most preferred, because it is more versatile than shorter hair yet requires lesser maintenance than long styles.

So now you know a little bit about The Best Korean Hairstyles For Girls. Even if you don't know everything, you've done something worthwhile: you've expanded your knowledge.

Women's Hairstyles For 2012: Short Hair Trend Prediction

The more you understand about any subject, the more interesting it becomes. As you read this article you'll find that the subject of Women's Hairstyles For 2012: Short Hair Trend Prediction is certainly no exception.

Once you begin to move beyond basic background information, you begin to realize that there's more to Women's Hairstyles For 2012: Short Hair Trend Prediction than you may have first thought.

Short hairstyles will never go out of date as long as people still value simplicity and versatility. When sporting a short hair, a woman will not be burdened with complicated hair maintenance. If you are a highly active woman and have many other things to think about besides maintaining your hair, it can't be argued that short hairstyles are perfect for you.

In 2011, the most popular short hairstyles for women are the bob and the pixie cut. Many celebrities have been seen sporting the two short hairstyles and gained positive reaction from both fans and fashion experts. With the right facial textures and cheekbones, bob and pixie haircuts can compliment women's appearance without making them look boyish.

However, the cropped pixie hairstyle is not suitable for everyone. It is most suitable for those with prominent cheekbones and short face. That way, the haircut will compliment the wearer's look instead of making her look boyish. However, if you have the right facial features and the guts to try it, a layered and asymmetrical pixie cut should look good on you. Consult with your hairdresser before deciding to try this hairstyle.

On the other hand, if you want a longer-than-pixie short haircut, you can opt for the bob hairstyle. Adding layers to your hair will also make you look chic. For a more daring look, choose tousled and messy appearance for your bob haircut. However, if you prefer a sleeker style, a straightening iron and some styling products are the must have instruments for a perfect straight bob.

Although we have not reach 2012 yet, we can predict that the short hair trends of 2011 will still be 'in' next year. While the bob and the pixie are classic hairstyles that will never go out of date, there are still more options for you who are brave enough to wear your hair short.

2012 will still maintain longer crops and side swept bangs to accompany the short styles. For a bolder look, the more extreme cut such as punk-inspired style is predicted to exist.

Instead of plain colored hair, it seems that 2012 is the year of colors. More highlights will be given for more definitive short hairstyle. Besides that, women are also encouraged for dyeing their hair for a fancier touch. For a more festive touch, feather hair extensions which have become a trend in 2011 can still occur in 2012 for adorning and defining short hairstyles.

As your knowledge about Women's Hairstyles For 2012: Short Hair Trend Prediction continues to grow, you will begin to see how Women's Hairstyles For 2012: Short Hair Trend Prediction fits into the overall scheme of things. Knowing how something relates to the rest of the world is important too.

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I'm in LOVE with these Twigs & Honey Wedding Hair Flower accessories

I was looking for pretty wedding headbands and flower accessories and found the amazing Twigs & Honey. How gorgeous are these sweet flower head pieces!

And this translucent veil is so much softer and sweeter than the traditional bird cage veils.